Monday, December 30, 2013

Beautiful Places

Beautiful Places

First of all I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  I hope you are enjoying your time with family and friends during the holiday season.  I wish you lots of luck, happiness and good health for 2014 and I hope to keep posting some interesting blog posts and photos.

I also like to thank everybody who reads my posts and enjoys my photos, I really appreciate that you take some time out for that!

Since it's been almost a year since I have posted photos from some trips and from the beautiful places in our area, I thought I would dedicate this post to some beautiful scenery photos of places we have visited in the past year.

Most photos are from in and around our area which is the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada.  We also went on a couple of trips this year, at the end of June we spent 1 week at Mara Lake which is located in the North Shuswap Region of British Columbia.  This trip is about 500km east of Vancouver, it's a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. We also went for a week to the Oregon Coast in the USA.  We have been to this area in the past few years.  We rented an apartment in Lincoln City right at the beach.  We truly enjoy our time here.  

I haven't had too much time lately to go out and take photos.  It's not so easy when you have a little one of 3.5 years old to go out and take photos during sunrise or sunset.  In the spring/summer and fall the sun gets up way too early and goes down after she goes to sleep.  Now in the winter time it's a bit easier to be out at sunset, but usually it's either raining, too cloudy or too cold. Sunrise is still fairly early too as our little one is usually still sleeping when the sun comes up.  Let's hope there will be some more opportunities in the New Year!

So, it will be just some scenery photos in this post since I have no inspiration to write a tutorial type of blog post this time around.  We also have been busy over the holidays with work and other things. Next time I will try and dedicate a blog post on the circular polarizing filter.  

The most interesting/best photos from the past year

Lynn Canyon Park, North Vancouver

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, North Vancouver

View from Burnaby Mountain Park, Burnaby

Zoomed in view from Burnaby Mountain Park, Burnaby

Capilano Lake, North Vancouver

Third Beach in Stanley Park, Vancouver

View of downtown Vancouver from the Pier, North Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver seen from Vanier Park

Blue Heron along False Creek, Vancouver

View from Burnaby Mountain Park

Tulip detail in our garden near Vancouver

View from Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver

View from Hadden Park, Vancouver

Cherry Blossoms, Vancouver

View from Pier Park in New Westminster

View of the Japanese Totems at Burnaby Mountain Park

Peacock feathers at a petting zoo in Vancouver

Capilano Lake and the Lions Mountains in North Vancouver

Mara Lake in the North Shuswap Region of British Columbia

Sunset at the beach in Lincoln City, Oregon, USA

Otter Crest Loop along the Oregon Coast, USA

View from the beach in Lincoln City in Oregon, USA

Evening at the beach of Lincoln City in Oregon, USA

Starfish at the beach in Barnet Marine Park near Vancouver

Summer time at Barnet Marine Park near Vancouver

Kayaks at Barnet Marine Park near Vancouver

Laity Pumpkin Patch in Maple Ridge

Creek at Warner Loat Park in Burnaby

Fall colours at Burnaby Mountain Park

View from Burnaby Mountain above the fog

Views from Porteau Cove Provincial Park along the Sea To Sky Highway between Vancouver and Whistler

Fall colours in Stanley Park with views of downtown Vancouver

Fall colours in Stanley Park with a view of the Lions Gate Bridge

Fall colours in Stanley Park with views of downtown Vancouver

Sunset seen from the Stanley Park seawall with views of downtown Vancouver

The moon and Venus above New Westminster

Snow at Burnaby Mountain...but it's all gone again

Images Copyright by Ann Badjura unless otherwise mentioned. 
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